Sun shall rise.

There have to be umpteen smiles,

after those relentless cries.

Those dreams have to come true,

Seen by them resplendent eyes.

You have been in a perpetual state of lows,

Now my valorous fighter,be ready for the highs.

Don’t linger on the descending alley,

Rise,touch the skies.

It’s been dark for too long,

soon sun shall rise.




And there is always something

Some ray of light in those dark nights

that makes your life a whole lot easier and radiant,dispelling the dullness.

Some umbrella in those rainy days that protects you from getting drenched in your own tears.

Something that gives you solace during those tumultuous times.

Something that makes your heart smile even when it’s breaking.

Something that makes you feel lucky in your unluckiness.

Embrace that one thing with all your might,not with your arms,but with your heart and be grateful for it.

I am.😇

Hope :)

Hope is a divine feeling.
It makes you rise to the pinnacle of happiness,and makes the inimical negativity disappear like morning fog.
I have learnt one thing about life,when there is hope,life’s good. Stay hopeful and optimistic,life has beautiful surprises awaiting that are yet obscure to you,but well,maybe god is smiling up there,eyeing his child,who is unaware of the felicity coming his way!

Pratishtha 🙂