Hello lovely people!

How are you all? I hope good.

Well,i have been inactive on wordpress lately,and could not read any new posts but now i will try to be regular here.

I was wondering about something today,so i decided to ask my wordpress family about it!

Since a month,i have changed a lot,and i have no clue why and how.I was quite a cry baby earlier,getting stressed over little things was a daily issue. I was not happy with my life,i blamed god for each of my problem(there are loads of them).It was as if,my eyes have been fitted with some dark-grey clouds that burst out and pour anytime and everytime.

But! Since a month,i have noticed a 360° transformation in my thoughts and actions.I smile a lot more,i sing and dance whole day! Befikara song,of Tiger Shroff😍 That is played on my phone,on repeat,he is so fuckin’ hot,isn’t he? 😍.And i guess,this is what i have become “befikari”!

Out of nowhere,abruptly-a befief,a faith and a hope have taken abode in my heart.They all came in,without a prior notice and settled here,permanently.

I have a lot,A LOT of things to be stressed about,I am sure everyone does.I have been through hell and back.None of you has been enlightened about the tragic side of my life but i will reveal that soon.God is not so fair sometimes. :’)

Earlier i used to be profusely worried about my future,my life.But now my “mood” remains good.Something inside me tells me in shouty-bold letters “HAVE FAITH AND STAY PATIENT,LIFE’S GONNA BE GOOD”

I now feel that i would get into a top college,complete my degree,accomplish my career goals,get married to the most loving guy and life will be perfect.This thought just naturally comes whenever a depressing thought tries to intrude into my merry life.Where has this confidence come from? What begets this faith? How did i become so hopeful? What made me believe in life? I HAVE NO IDEA.

I just woke up one fine day,and bammm!

God introduced me to a new,better Pratishtha.😊

And I LOVE HER,with all my heart.💕

So,my question is-What is the reason behind this thing called “mood”?

Does it remain good or bad naturally? I mean,my good mood these days is just natural,it is not effected by anything good or bad happening with me.How is your mood shaped? Naturally or by external circumstances? Does anyone feel the way i do? Has your mood ever instantaneously changed,without any specific reason,and that too for such a long time as mine?

I’ve heard,saints have the perfect balance of mind,who do not get affected by worldly experiences,so umm,have i become a saint? 😂 Haha! 😂 I hope not.😋

I hope i stay like this always-positive,hopeful and happy! 😊




And there is always something

Some ray of light in those dark nights

that makes your life a whole lot easier and radiant,dispelling the dullness.

Some umbrella in those rainy days that protects you from getting drenched in your own tears.

Something that gives you solace during those tumultuous times.

Something that makes your heart smile even when it’s breaking.

Something that makes you feel lucky in your unluckiness.

Embrace that one thing with all your might,not with your arms,but with your heart and be grateful for it.

I am.😇

Midnight thoughts…

On one side i feel the fear,

the panic,of good old memories

fading away,

relationships being left behind

and people,close ones,

drifting apart,

of time slipping through my hands

and i dread

the changes it intends to bring about….

And on the other side,i feel euphoric and excited,

about the new people i’ll connect to

in future,

new places i’ll visit,

the good memories im yet to make,

the unexpected,pleasant surprises that await me,

the brand-new freedom and independence i’ll possess…


Oh lord,im going bonkers with all these starkly contradicting thoughts that generate such mixed emotions that make me smile and wail simultaneously.

But,i must compose myself as these thoughts,once unleashed,will not cease,nor stop from disturbing me,they won’t leave me sane,ha!…

So lets hold the horses of our brains,order them to keep their mouths shut and lets just live every damned moment,immersing ourselves only,and ONLY in the moment and lets not allow the thoughts of a beautiful past or a dreaded future haunt the little moment we have right here,right now.

Pratishtha 🙂

Little moments of glee!


As i sit in my car,dreamily gazing out of my window,I drift into the world of my thoughts.Life-loathing,depressive and self-depreciating thoughts flood my mind and in a perfect sync my mind sings-

Life is a battle,you are a soldier-FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

But then i see a butterfly flutter,her wings spread out,shimmering silver and red patterns radiating happy vibes.

She hovered over delicate yellow flowers….gratified and calm,free and charming,gentle and serene,her tranquility enraptured me and she was the lovliest thing i had seen in this beautiful yet dreadful world.I sensed a ghost of smile on my lips.In a fraction of second my car sped away from it and i was left captivated by the pretty,little thing i just saw.

A few moments before i was desperately searching for a reason to smile and be happy about,and now as i saw the butterfly,my mouth quickened to curve upwards amd ,my world-loathing thoughts invaded!

But this time,showing my grit,i pushed them aside,and warned them,not to haunt and spoil my little moment of glee,and i smiled heartily.

I smiled because i had seen a beautiful butterfly which was like an omen,telling me in shouty-capital letters-


Pratishtha 🙂

And i met him 😍

Well,it happend through the benevolent God’s plan,

Finally i saw him,my gorgeous man.😍🙈

As he stepped closer,my breath hitched and my heart skipped a beat,

it took more than one year,for our eyes to meet.

He looked breathtakingy handsome,alot more than i expected,

just like i imagined him to be,but yes,a lil perfected🙈

And then he started speaking,it was like a merry dream,

i just looked at him adoringly,did he notice my eyes gleam?

Strange you may call it,i saw my sunshine under the moonlight,

and my awestruck eyes declared it to be the world’s best sight!

and then it happened,what i once saw in my dreamland,

All my dreams came true when he held my hand.😍🙈

Pratishtha 🙂