And sometimes,suddenly you want to go back in time and live those beautiful moments again,feel that vibe again…

You just want to be teleported to that very moment,the mere thought of which makes your lips curve upwards.

That moment so precious,that feeling ineffable.That little fairy tale you created in a few moments,you need to touch it,feel it,live it-Once more.

But all you can do is,sit and see a quick flashback of it that will disappear in a jiffy,try to feel again what you felt back then,albeit in vain,feel desolate and happy at the same time,and most of all you feel helpless,those moments are gone,leaving behind the sweet scent of memories.Sniff in that exquisite aroma,smile and move on,for the aroma is bound to get lost somewhere in the air,it will eventually.



Unrequitted love.

But honey you are in love with

Something you don’t possess and you never will….

Something that you can admire from a distance,but never touch…

Something that can only enliven your dreamland,not your real world…

Something that you are willing to chase but can never get hold of…

Something that is up there,in the infinities of the heaven and you are stuck here on earth…

Something that is so beautiful,almost impeccable and hence the almighty did not write it in your destiny…

Something you can never have.

Don’t you know this will leave you crestfallen in the end?  

“I know”,came the reply with an audacious smile.



And as the sun shone on her beautiful face in the morning,

vivacious as ever she looked

with her larger-than-life smile and gorgeous outfit

Her animated gestures would make people talk about how full of life she was

But something was wrong

Her swollen eyes,that hid behind her sunglasses narrated the story of her night,albeit no one could hear it.

Appearances are deceptive.



And there is always something

Some ray of light in those dark nights

that makes your life a whole lot easier and radiant,dispelling the dullness.

Some umbrella in those rainy days that protects you from getting drenched in your own tears.

Something that gives you solace during those tumultuous times.

Something that makes your heart smile even when it’s breaking.

Something that makes you feel lucky in your unluckiness.

Embrace that one thing with all your might,not with your arms,but with your heart and be grateful for it.

I am.😇



Life is fragile,it may end in the spur of a second,with a tick of the clock.And the world will remain uneffected,which will be sans your body,sans your thoughts,sans your voice,sans every fiber of your being.

How cryptic life is! Everything may cease to exist,this very moment.
And how valiant humans are! Living each moment gleefully,unaware of the surprises that await them.Getting attached to worldly things,well aware if the fact that all this will end,sooner or later.

As i pause and contemplate,everything comes to a standstill.I step out of ignorance and realization hits me,the atmosphere darkens,i feel scared.
I’m dubious if this is the fear of Life…. or Death?

I feel like tugging to my muma,hugging her tight,pleading her to save me from these unpleasant thoughts and comfort my scared soul.She is the island of relative calm in the ocean of turmoil.

Such a creepy thought it is,that we wont be alive after 60-70 years but the world will move forward.We will be lost in oblivion.

Wouldn’t life be idyllic if humans were immortal? If not,why? I’d like to seek answers from the Almighty.

Here today,gone tomorrow.These lines describe life impeccably.

The world,however concrete and real in nature,is innately cryptic.There’s a disseminated whiff of uncanny,mysterious aroma that envelops us.It is replete with secrets.
I feel as if there are abstract creatures around me,whispering the secrets of life,albeit not letting their voices fall into my ears and smiling wickedly.

I feel lost sometimes,these fears run unleashed in my mind and are seated in the deepest corner of my heart.
Will my mind ever be satiated?
Will i get answers to my questions?
Will these fears ever vacate my heart?

I am as clueless as a traveler on a foreign land.

These sombre mysteries of life impart the value and importance attached to it,and probably one has to live with these mysteries and die with unanswered questions.

In that case,i think i need to inculcate fearlessness in myself or simply live,making peace with my fears,allowing them to haunt me. 😇

Pratishtha 🙂