And as the sun shone on her beautiful face in the morning,

vivacious as ever she looked

with her larger-than-life smile and gorgeous outfit

Her animated gestures would make people talk about how full of life she was

But something was wrong

Her swollen eyes,that hid behind her sunglasses narrated the story of her night,albeit no one could hear it.

Appearances are deceptive.



Hard,isn’t it?

Sometimes all you can do is,

keep that secret wish in the furtive chambers of your heart,

Albeit,its fulfilment would be a divine blessing,

Its utterance would be suicidal.

Ego/Lack of love/What? πŸ˜‘


It was his mistake,he just abruptly changed,
they argued and their relation was strained,
but she hoped,like every other time
he would call her and apologize,
and take her heart away,again
She hoped that like every other time
he would text her incessantly,until she smiles and forgives him 
She waited,waited for hours
Phone beeped,she thought it was him
she hastily picked it up,but damn,
it was not a message from her sweetheart.
She kept waiting for hours,
why didn’t he text this very time?
Has something changed between the two?
Did he not care anymore?
Is he not aware of the fact that he had hurt her?
Did he,her insane lover,not love her anymore?
She cried for hours,never letting him know,though
and texted herself in the end,
I am sorry,I love you.

Pratishtha πŸ™‚