Hard,isn’t it?

Sometimes all you can do is,

keep that secret wish in the furtive chambers of your heart,

Albeit,its fulfilment would be a divine blessing,

Its utterance would be suicidal.




I am captivated by the aura of nights.
The sombre surroundings with an ambience of serenity.
Oh! What a bliss.
The darkness of the night allows my mind to contemplate on the luminous side of my life.
Oh no,night does not bring along negative thoughts.It dispenses our minds with the calmness required to reflect on our lives,to introspect.
There is something beautifully cryptic about the night,the silence…the silence makes my heart glow.
In this world of unnecessary rattles,the silence is overwhelming.Trust me.
How much i love these noise-free hours.Not to mention a bark or two of the stray dogs outside.
No loud horns,no screams,no shouts,no hogwash…Just tranquility.
Night is the ideal time,
To think
To study
To make love.
Isn’t it?
Did i just forget to speak of the moon?
How can I?
The moon.
It is the insignia of purity,of tranquility,of calmness.
The moon,it steals light from the sun to brighten up the world while a lover steals glances at the moon furtively,trying to visualize the enchanting face of his sweetheart in it.
The twinking stars are the mesmerizing ornaments of the dark night sky.
When the little me tried to count these ornaments,she failed.These are infinite,she thought.
The sky must be very rich,she said.Her childish sense of humor making everyone go “aww”.
The night is my favorite time of the day,which is yours?
*I love you,dear night,I murmur.*
*I love you too,night whispers.*

Pratishtha 🙂