And as the sun shone on her beautiful face in the morning,

vivacious as ever she looked

with her larger-than-life smile and gorgeous outfit

Her animated gestures would make people talk about how full of life she was

But something was wrong

Her swollen eyes,that hid behind her sunglasses narrated the story of her night,albeit no one could hear it.

Appearances are deceptive.



It was he…😍

It was he

who unleashed my feelings

made them go wild

made me a sensual,romantic maid.


And it was again he

who taught me how to control my feelings

made me pacify them

made me a lover,disguised as a best friend.

Her heart…😊


He broke her heart

into infinite pieces

Every promise he made

turned out to be a deception

His every word

turned out to be artificial

But her frail heart had

an unshakable conviction

in his falsely beautified utterances

Until one day

when she stepped out of her

deaf and blind belief in him

She realized

that he,the man she thought

she belonged to

never intended to make her his

Her innocent heart

had been the victim of a hoax

Those sugar-coated words

long,deep coversations

his smile,his eyes,his love

was all a sham

She felt as if

she was an exuberant bird

who just got her wing broken in the mid of a flight

and as if she’s falling from a great height

and she’s in a dillema

whether to wail for the wing she has lost

or compose herself and prevent the fall

She could feel an agony

that words cannot describe

Her heart that emitted love

only for him

was paralysed

She wanted to hit and crush

his gorgeous face

that once shone in her eyes like a glittery twinkling star

She felt like destroying his

ever-so-captivating eyes,his

darn adorable dimples,his

alluring,pink lips,his

immaticulate-curly hair,his

baby-soft cheeks and his

heart which was just a synonym for stone,now

But she could not even gather

the grit

to accuse him for crushing the heart that loved him

She just smiled at him

whispered a thankyou for the good times they shared

and left

never making him feel guilty of what he did,of the blunder he commited


some emotions unexpressed

some deeds undone

some words unsaid…

Pratishtha 🙂

Its been days…

Its been days

days,since we confabulated on phone

Its been days

days,since you laughed at my silly jokes

Its been days

days,since i felt your breath through the phone

Its been days

days,since you called over and over again without any reason,just to make me smile

Its been days

days,since your name flashed on the screen of my phone and illuminated my whole world

Its been days

days,since i felt those millions of butterflies in my stomach when u complimented me

Its been days,

days,since we laughed and smiled,talking on phone for hours

Its been days

days,since you called…


For those days won’t return,they’re long lost,they’re gone,
but i smile recalling the memories,
baby life goes on!

Pratishtha 🙂

She was…


A happy girl
she was
A laughing baby
she was
A blushing mistress
she was
A determined dreamer
she was
A proud achiever
she was
A passionate poetess
she was
A devoted lover
she was
A responsible daughter
she was
A smiling face
she was
A positive mind
she was
A loving heart
she was
A sensitive soul
she was
A gleaming eye
she was
A burning desire
she was!
She was beautiful,
she was charming,
she was enticing,
she was an enthusiast,
she was an optimist.
And now she misses who she was.😊

Pratishtha 🙂