I love it.๐Ÿ™ˆ

And i love it,

When he looks at me,

while i try to supress a moan

my body heating up,and heartbeat racing

getting aroused by his actions and words

And he laughs,
my torturous,bad boy

But i ignore his laughter
And let my sensations flow

His laughter suddenly changes into
a serious,hot expression

something sexy,incredibly sexy.

And he then tries to seduce me more

and also,

allows his sensations to take grip of his mind and heart,body ofcourse.

And then,

After a few moments,i smile,

and my smile turns into laughter!

he laughs too,we laugh together for a bit and look at each other for a moment before continuing…

Oh,i love it.


A stolen “Handkiss”


They were at a wedding,not actually though

They were in the parking lot of the wedding palace

in a car

Who came to attend the wedding?

The love birds were there just to see each other

She was looking here and there


that someone might see them

And also,stealing glances at him,

his beautiful face,shining in the moonlight.

She was clinging onto his hand

Their fingers intertwined

She never,

never wanted to let go off his hand.

Suddenly,she felt something warm

and moist

on her hand

She turned,to lay her eyes

at the loveliest thing

that had ever happened to her.

His head was bent,

his beautiful lips were touching her hand

Her heartbeat grew faster

Or perhaps,came to a standstill?

She couldn’t fathom!

What a thief he was

who stole her heart

and now

a kiss,a stolen handkiss!