Happy Mothers Day! 😊


Mother.Just by reading this word our hearts start brimming with love and care.

Mother.She is innately the person we love the most.Loving her unconditionally is the inherent instinct of our heart.

Mother.She has the most eminent position in our hearts and lives.

Mother.She is the source of our life.We owe our everything to her.SHE brought us into this world.Can we ever thank her enough?

Mother.She is the person who loves us the most,THE MOST.And this fact is beyond suspicion.

Mother.Her happiness lies in our happiness.I smile-mom smiles,i cry-mom cries,i laugh-mom laughs and mom exists,therefore i exist.

Mother.She cares about everything,EVERY DAMN THING.Be it food,study,friends,heartbreaks,sleep and every other thing you can think of,she cares about everything.

Mother.She is the living,palpable God.


A very Happy Mothers Day to the mothers of all my mates here.

Our moms are THE BEST,are’nt they?😉

What can i write more about the beauty of mothers,what have the poets,shayars,artists,writers left out?

Actually,all of them tried their best to describe “Maa ka Dil” but no one ever pertinently described what a mother is.And no one ever can,i would say.

I just cannot fathom,how does her heart emit this immeasurable love and care.

Her voice is the loveliest

Her hugs are the tightest

Her kisses are the sweetest

Her face is the prettiest

Her care is the truest

Her love is the purest.

I love my mom.😊

Pratishtha 🙂