Sun shall rise.

There have to be umpteen smiles,

after those relentless cries.

Those dreams have to come true,

Seen by them resplendent eyes.

You have been in a perpetual state of lows,

Now my valorous fighter,be ready for the highs.

Don’t linger on the descending alley,

Rise,touch the skies.

It’s been dark for too long,

soon sun shall rise.




And there is always something

Some ray of light in those dark nights

that makes your life a whole lot easier and radiant,dispelling the dullness.

Some umbrella in those rainy days that protects you from getting drenched in your own tears.

Something that gives you solace during those tumultuous times.

Something that makes your heart smile even when it’s breaking.

Something that makes you feel lucky in your unluckiness.

Embrace that one thing with all your might,not with your arms,but with your heart and be grateful for it.

I am.😇



Life is fragile,it may end in the spur of a second,with a tick of the clock.And the world will remain uneffected,which will be sans your body,sans your thoughts,sans your voice,sans every fiber of your being.

How cryptic life is! Everything may cease to exist,this very moment.
And how valiant humans are! Living each moment gleefully,unaware of the surprises that await them.Getting attached to worldly things,well aware if the fact that all this will end,sooner or later.

As i pause and contemplate,everything comes to a standstill.I step out of ignorance and realization hits me,the atmosphere darkens,i feel scared.
I’m dubious if this is the fear of Life…. or Death?

I feel like tugging to my muma,hugging her tight,pleading her to save me from these unpleasant thoughts and comfort my scared soul.She is the island of relative calm in the ocean of turmoil.

Such a creepy thought it is,that we wont be alive after 60-70 years but the world will move forward.We will be lost in oblivion.

Wouldn’t life be idyllic if humans were immortal? If not,why? I’d like to seek answers from the Almighty.

Here today,gone tomorrow.These lines describe life impeccably.

The world,however concrete and real in nature,is innately cryptic.There’s a disseminated whiff of uncanny,mysterious aroma that envelops us.It is replete with secrets.
I feel as if there are abstract creatures around me,whispering the secrets of life,albeit not letting their voices fall into my ears and smiling wickedly.

I feel lost sometimes,these fears run unleashed in my mind and are seated in the deepest corner of my heart.
Will my mind ever be satiated?
Will i get answers to my questions?
Will these fears ever vacate my heart?

I am as clueless as a traveler on a foreign land.

These sombre mysteries of life impart the value and importance attached to it,and probably one has to live with these mysteries and die with unanswered questions.

In that case,i think i need to inculcate fearlessness in myself or simply live,making peace with my fears,allowing them to haunt me. 😇

Pratishtha 🙂

Her heart…😊


He broke her heart

into infinite pieces

Every promise he made

turned out to be a deception

His every word

turned out to be artificial

But her frail heart had

an unshakable conviction

in his falsely beautified utterances

Until one day

when she stepped out of her

deaf and blind belief in him

She realized

that he,the man she thought

she belonged to

never intended to make her his

Her innocent heart

had been the victim of a hoax

Those sugar-coated words

long,deep coversations

his smile,his eyes,his love

was all a sham

She felt as if

she was an exuberant bird

who just got her wing broken in the mid of a flight

and as if she’s falling from a great height

and she’s in a dillema

whether to wail for the wing she has lost

or compose herself and prevent the fall

She could feel an agony

that words cannot describe

Her heart that emitted love

only for him

was paralysed

She wanted to hit and crush

his gorgeous face

that once shone in her eyes like a glittery twinkling star

She felt like destroying his

ever-so-captivating eyes,his

darn adorable dimples,his

alluring,pink lips,his

immaticulate-curly hair,his

baby-soft cheeks and his

heart which was just a synonym for stone,now

But she could not even gather

the grit

to accuse him for crushing the heart that loved him

She just smiled at him

whispered a thankyou for the good times they shared

and left

never making him feel guilty of what he did,of the blunder he commited


some emotions unexpressed

some deeds undone

some words unsaid…

Pratishtha 🙂

Midnight thoughts…

On one side i feel the fear,

the panic,of good old memories

fading away,

relationships being left behind

and people,close ones,

drifting apart,

of time slipping through my hands

and i dread

the changes it intends to bring about….

And on the other side,i feel euphoric and excited,

about the new people i’ll connect to

in future,

new places i’ll visit,

the good memories im yet to make,

the unexpected,pleasant surprises that await me,

the brand-new freedom and independence i’ll possess…


Oh lord,im going bonkers with all these starkly contradicting thoughts that generate such mixed emotions that make me smile and wail simultaneously.

But,i must compose myself as these thoughts,once unleashed,will not cease,nor stop from disturbing me,they won’t leave me sane,ha!…

So lets hold the horses of our brains,order them to keep their mouths shut and lets just live every damned moment,immersing ourselves only,and ONLY in the moment and lets not allow the thoughts of a beautiful past or a dreaded future haunt the little moment we have right here,right now.

Pratishtha 🙂

That girl! 😍😊


And then i could see her,so full of life.She wore a childish smile throughout the day,looking beautiful ad tantalizing on the outside.
Her face so serene,her eyes,glittering and shimmering like the stars that illuminate the dark sky,her cheeks,soft as cotton and her teeth,adorably crooked,and her short hair dancing on her shoulders as she gracefully grooved to the music she was listening.She looked beautiful.

That’s the way every eye saw her.But as i stepped a little closer,trying to recreate her picture in my heart,my heart’s eyes enlarged,blinked rapidly-my heart could see through her soul,which no other eyes could dig into.

Her oh-so-beautifully-Indian-crooked-tooth-smile didn’t touch her eyes.She imposed it on her lips forcefully,not letting anyone see through the dazzling bright smile of hers,underneath which were her darkest fears.

My heartbeat quickened as i moved my eyes up,to look at her glittering,kohl-rimmed eyes.They were like an unsolved mystery.I stared right in her eye,trying to gaze as deep as possible and in a fraction of second,i could see what no one did.

There was a glint of sadness,pain and desperation,DESPERATION FOR HAPPINESS!

I saw the unshed tears that strained hard not to pour out on her beautifully carved cheek bones but craving to be unleashed and burst out.

And through her eyes and her smile,i witnessed her damaged soul.All it took,to see through her,was a little care and understanding!

She still had that smile nicely curved on her red-full-lips and she winked her eyes as they met mine. I could read the little secret they carried,the signal her eyes conveyed,which was-
A demand
A desire
A craving
A longing
for happiness!!

Pratishtha 🙂

Her feelings…


She craved

to be craved for,

She yearned

for a tinge of attention,

Her desires

were trodden underfoot,


were still ablaze!

People crossed her way,

showing apathy,

She just smiled

with an uncanny grit,

She knew

that she was standing

on an island,

amidst sombre ambience,

Not entitled to it though.

For fate is not hand-picked,

She decided to just wait,

wait for the tables
to turn! 😉😊

Pratishtha 🙂