Pakistani artists banned in India.


This is flabbergasting,rather disappointing.

Fawad Khan,Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and the ones of their ilk,what is their role in the Uri attack or whatever conflict is going on between India and Pakistan?

What is their mistake? That they are Pakistanis?

Ah well,then India has taken the war exceedingly far.Now,not only politicians and armymen,but ordinary citizens of Pakistan are too seen through the narrow vision of hatred and animosity.Hats off.

The war,the conflict is just political,we don’t have to hate every Pakistani to be a true Indian.

Banning them won’t affect Pakistan,as a country,as our rival at all.It won’t.It will just become a headline for a few days,beget heated debates and discussions,effect the popularity and livlihood of those Pak artists,who are not to be blamed for anything Pakistan does.They are innocent.Thats all !

These actors,they are artists,and confining art through such meaningless restraints is an insult of art.What good in the name of god would banning these few people lead to? Will this cessate the firings at the borders? Will banning Fawad Khan stop Pakistani terrorists from planting bombs in India? Will banning Rahat Fateh Ali Khan bring an end to this aura of tension that pervades in the two countries? Is this,in any form a concrete,impactful solution? Is this a solution at all? NO!

True,these people earn from Indian film industry but we must not forget,Indian film industry earns through them too.Films require good acting skills,how does it matter if the actor is a Pakistani or Indian,unless the actor himself is a terrorist.If he is not,LET HIM BE.

People are dying at the border villages,and what we,as true patriots do? Ban a few Pak actors,and support the ban.Problem solved,yay.

Wake up guys.

We should be rational humans before being Indians or Pakistanis.

This is the same as-

Muslims being seen with suspicion and distrust all over the world,just because most of the terrorists are Muslims.

Irrational,Unjust and Unfair.

Think about it.



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23 thoughts on “Artists.Nations”

  1. pratishtha I second you. But if you see pakistan has been doing the same since a long time. Banning speeches of indian envoys; last minute cancellations and definitely Indian have acted mature, but I suppose seeing the public outrage it is the only way left to give pakistan the taste of it’s own medicine. I also read about the cancellation of SAARC submit in pakistan since 5 nations backed off. But may be the actors and artists have been victimised in a situation wherein they didn’t have any role to play. Let’s hope for peace and more peace…!!

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  2. My view is that we have enough of pakistan terror activities and time to isolate pakistan.isolate means to stop any transaction with pakistan that may help them to get revenue.
    And pakistan have been not allowing indian artists,envoys etc for many years.It is us who were showing more patience & respect.

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      1. Yes,they didnt say.Why do u expect them to say? Did the Indian actors condemn the attack? Did Abhishek Bachan condemn it? Many indian actors did not critisize it either.So what.It is not necessary for everyone to voic their feelings and opinions on social media.

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      2. I agree with u but this time they broke the rules of the war & was necessary to restrict all revenue incoming for pakistan.Now what we see is that pak is isolated but still they say of nuclear threats.
        Actors/artists like adnan sami did condemn.It’s not about condemning but showing that we are peaceful nation but we can be hard if it goes way beyond of tolerance.


  3. I am against the hatred, but i am in the favor of banning Pakistani artists. No one of them condemned Uri attack or any other terrorist activities. They can raise their voice on social media for anything happened in any corner of the world, but when it comes about India, their lips are always sealed. Even an employee of a small factory/office always loyal and try to protect its office. Then whats the logic to let them earning from here and more over i think this will give a strong message to Pak government and their citizens. Those filmmakers who are shouting against ban, they are just looking their financial point of view as pak artists are cheaper than Indians mostly, so its their benefit to hire them to make movies or shows at affordable price, but it should not be done at the cost of pride of country.

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    1. Did i condemn the Uri attack,being an Indian? Did Shahid Kapoor or any other “Indian” actor condemn the attack.Many would have,but did all do so? Did you? Is it necessary to do so? NO! And banning them wont give any msg to pak govt my friend,the insensitive terrorists and armymen of Pakistan,donot give a damn about who is banned and who not,they will carry out their job the way they want to.The ban would just effect a few innocent Pak artists,who have done nothing wrong,their only fault is that they were born in Pakistan.Well…This does not feel right to me in any sense.

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  4. Patriotism should be in the minds of every citizen,banning pak artist doesn’t gonna make any significant changes in the situation.I wonder where sania and Malik couple will go and it’s really cracking my u have an answer for that ?

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