Hello lovely people!

How are you all? I hope good.

Well,i have been inactive on wordpress lately,and could not read any new posts but now i will try to be regular here.

I was wondering about something today,so i decided to ask my wordpress family about it!

Since a month,i have changed a lot,and i have no clue why and how.I was quite a cry baby earlier,getting stressed over little things was a daily issue. I was not happy with my life,i blamed god for each of my problem(there are loads of them).It was as if,my eyes have been fitted with some dark-grey clouds that burst out and pour anytime and everytime.

But! Since a month,i have noticed a 360Β° transformation in my thoughts and actions.I smile a lot more,i sing and dance whole day! Befikara song,of Tiger Shroff😍 That is played on my phone,on repeat,he is so fuckin’ hot,isn’t he? 😍.And i guess,this is what i have become “befikari”!

Out of nowhere,abruptly-a befief,a faith and a hope have taken abode in my heart.They all came in,without a prior notice and settled here,permanently.

I have a lot,A LOT of things to be stressed about,I am sure everyone does.I have been through hell and back.None of you has been enlightened about the tragic side of my life but i will reveal that soon.God is not so fair sometimes. :’)

Earlier i used to be profusely worried about my future,my life.But now my “mood” remains good.Something inside me tells me in shouty-bold letters “HAVE FAITH AND STAY PATIENT,LIFE’S GONNA BE GOOD”

I now feel that i would get into a top college,complete my degree,accomplish my career goals,get married to the most loving guy and life will be perfect.This thought just naturally comes whenever a depressing thought tries to intrude into my merry life.Where has this confidence come from? What begets this faith? How did i become so hopeful? What made me believe in life? I HAVE NO IDEA.

I just woke up one fine day,and bammm!

God introduced me to a new,better Pratishtha.😊

And I LOVE HER,with all my heart.πŸ’•

So,my question is-What is the reason behind this thing called “mood”?

Does it remain good or bad naturally? I mean,my good mood these days is just natural,it is not effected by anything good or bad happening with me.How is your mood shaped? Naturally or by external circumstances? Does anyone feel the way i do? Has your mood ever instantaneously changed,without any specific reason,and that too for such a long time as mine?

I’ve heard,saints have the perfect balance of mind,who do not get affected by worldly experiences,so umm,have i become a saint? πŸ˜‚ Haha! πŸ˜‚ I hope not.πŸ˜‹

I hope i stay like this always-positive,hopeful and happy! 😊



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21 thoughts on “HELLO PEOPLE.😊”

  1. I can totally relate .. πŸ™‚ I think we all have our shares of miseries and mostly it is the perception of mind. I believe that happiness is a CHOICE and I’m glad that you chose it πŸ™‚ keep up at it girl.. πŸ™‚ you rock .. ❀

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  2. Glad to meet the new Pratishtha!!β˜ΊπŸ‘ Many a times this happens to each one of us! Its really difficult to believe at that point of time that hiw would the things change, but somehow, there exists Someone right at the Top who motivates You and prepares you for the Good!! I can totally relate whatever you said and I am really happy for you!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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  3. Yes, I can most certainly relate . . . YΔ“Ε›u of Nazareth taught that the Spirit is like the wind, and She blows where She will — from where, no one knows, and to where, no one knows. It sounds as if you have breathed the Breath of Life, in my humblest opinion. At any rate, I am happy for you!

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  4. Haha…brings a smile over my face,some time back i strucked to similar situation & then a song had changed my thought process thats from Bewakoofiyan though the movie hasn’t performed well but title track worked for me.Its all upto us either to feel sad or happy..try to find out reason of happiness out of dull moments.Keep writing.Be happy!!πŸ™πŸ™Œ

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  5. Hey pratishtha 😊
    hope you’re doing good, you know while i was going through this posts i had smirk on my face not because someone around me making fun of me,it’s just your words.Yes the excitement you feel can be felt through your words,and i am glad to know you are happy not smiling coz i feel smiling and being happy is two different things.
    Hoping to read more of you in the upcoming just like the old times😊

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  6. Your blog was discovered among comments made in the blog, Kratzworld.
    I’m glad you’ve found happiness and optimism, and hope they remain indefinitely. Time will tell if it’s a mood you’re experiencing or something more long lasting. In the case that it’s not a mood, you might have reached a point of maturity as an adolescent that includes what you’re experiencing now.
    I hope your new frame of mind continues and you succeed in your pursuit of the goals you mentioned.

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