I wish๐Ÿ˜Š

I wish

To talk to him every waking minute of the day,about anything and everything

But would he spare time for that?

I wish

To express the love my heart is brimming with,the burning desire i feel for him,and how imperative he is for me

But would he be able to fathom the enormity of the feelings conveyed by those little words?

I wish

To write long letters to him,like irritably prolonged letters,penning down all that i feel,and realizing in the end that i did not manage to express what i actually wanted to convey,but yeah,writing lengthy letters to him

But would he care to read them at all?

I wish

To rub my crimson-gloss rimmed lips against his oh-so-lovely soft lips and run my fingers all over his bare chest

But would he allow the average looking โ€˜meโ€™ to feel the pleasure and sheer honour of touching the beautiful thing he is?

I wish

To travel the world with him!To go around the globe, seeing new places,meeting new people,tasting new dishes…With one person who is constant by my side,him.

But would he cherish my company as much as i enjoy his?

I wish

To firmly stand by his side in his trying times,to become his pillar of support and to elevate his mood when he feels low

But would he trust me enough to confide in me?

I wish

To love him forever,and a little more after that,be his bride,be the mother of his children,be his soulmate

But would he love me back? Would he make me his mistress?



And as the sun shone on her beautiful face in the morning,

vivacious as ever she looked

with her larger-than-life smile and gorgeous outfit

Her animated gestures would make people talk about how full of life she was

But something was wrong

Her swollen eyes,that hid behind her sunglasses narrated the story of her night,albeit no one could hear it.

Appearances are deceptive.



And there is always something

Some ray of light in those dark nights

that makes your life a whole lot easier and radiant,dispelling the dullness.

Some umbrella in those rainy days that protects you from getting drenched in your own tears.

Something that gives you solace during those tumultuous times.

Something that makes your heart smile even when it’s breaking.

Something that makes you feel lucky in your unluckiness.

Embrace that one thing with all your might,not with your arms,but with your heart and be grateful for it.

I am.๐Ÿ˜‡

You can win๐Ÿ˜Š

You can see your goal as vivid as the pole star,

But do you know,what it takes to reach so far?

Your soul demands the fuel of positive thoughts and a good attitude,

You need to believe in yourself with certitude.

If you possess these virtues or something akin,

My friend,i bet,YOU CAN WIN!

You gotta entail your heart with desire and dedication,

The laziness and escapist attitude must be brought to cessation,

Hardwork is the master key,it opens all the doors to success,

Your weaknessess and strengths,you must assess.

If you possess these virtues or something akin,

My friend,i bet,YOU CAN WIN!

Action is certainly better than intention,

Do not fall prey to procrastination ,

The path to victory is onerous but not impossible,

If you incorporate in yourself,these achiever’s values,you will be unstoppable.

If you possess these virtues or something akin,

My friend,i bet,YOU CAN WIN!