Life is fragile,it may end in the spur of a second,with a tick of the clock.And the world will remain uneffected,which will be sans your body,sans your thoughts,sans your voice,sans every fiber of your being.

How cryptic life is! Everything may cease to exist,this very moment.
And how valiant humans are! Living each moment gleefully,unaware of the surprises that await them.Getting attached to worldly things,well aware if the fact that all this will end,sooner or later.

As i pause and contemplate,everything comes to a standstill.I step out of ignorance and realization hits me,the atmosphere darkens,i feel scared.
I’m dubious if this is the fear of Life…. or Death?

I feel like tugging to my muma,hugging her tight,pleading her to save me from these unpleasant thoughts and comfort my scared soul.She is the island of relative calm in the ocean of turmoil.

Such a creepy thought it is,that we wont be alive after 60-70 years but the world will move forward.We will be lost in oblivion.

Wouldn’t life be idyllic if humans were immortal? If not,why? I’d like to seek answers from the Almighty.

Here today,gone tomorrow.These lines describe life impeccably.

The world,however concrete and real in nature,is innately cryptic.There’s a disseminated whiff of uncanny,mysterious aroma that envelops us.It is replete with secrets.
I feel as if there are abstract creatures around me,whispering the secrets of life,albeit not letting their voices fall into my ears and smiling wickedly.

I feel lost sometimes,these fears run unleashed in my mind and are seated in the deepest corner of my heart.
Will my mind ever be satiated?
Will i get answers to my questions?
Will these fears ever vacate my heart?

I am as clueless as a traveler on a foreign land.

These sombre mysteries of life impart the value and importance attached to it,and probably one has to live with these mysteries and die with unanswered questions.

In that case,i think i need to inculcate fearlessness in myself or simply live,making peace with my fears,allowing them to haunt me. πŸ˜‡

Pratishtha πŸ™‚


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36 thoughts on “Life|Death|Thoughts”

  1. These thoughts are pretty natural to those who think way ahead their time. I really glad to read the lines about mother…

    Death is the ultimate and most intelligent tool for human kind. Death is the best gift of life that allows us to reinforce that world is a stadium and we are here to play for some time, after our innings there are keep me waiting in the pavilion..
    One generation creates the room for the next, the way we all became a part of this world….

    I believe the relations we make, the love we spread will remain in this world even after our physical presence.. ..

    Very well written and thoughtful..

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  2. Here today, Gone tomorrow!!! I could relate to your writing, offlate had some matching thoughts, once even I dreamt and visualized my own journey to crematorium. One of the scariest thoughts I have had.

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      1. Seriously.πŸ˜…
        But well,the good thing is that we won’t ever live that moment,we don’t have to see it,feel it for real.Our loved ones have to,they would feel the pain of burning our body but we won’t be aware about anything,hehe,we would be just lying,lifeless…At peace…So that makes me feel a lil better.πŸ˜…

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  3. Wow Pratishtha.. I can completely relate to your thoughts.. I also feel the same sometimes..

    Death is an inevitable thing! It’s necessary for the living. It’s necessary for recreating. We have to much while living and complete our purpose.. We are just souls. We keep traveling in this universe, sometimes bare and sometimes in bodies.. We call it death and life. There is no death and life. It is just without shelter and with shelter. We all love forever, without our conscience..

    Have a good day! Beautiful and insightful post.. πŸ™‚

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  4. We as humans enjoy god like possibilities and yet stand in awe to the mysteries of life. At times, we also shiver and succumb to the very mysteries that life brings. We being the only species aware of mortality, we should also embrace the impermanence. Hug harder, hold on tighter, never let go…… but the fact that we are aware of the impermanence is also what glorifies such moments , like hugging your muma.
    Truly an existential bummer.
    Love to the mother and daugher. A beautiful narrative- I felt like you were talking πŸ™‚

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  5. I remember reading this post earlier.. but may be i was so indulged that I forgot to mention how deep n profound is your writings.. πŸ™‚
    And your vocab as well.. πŸ˜ƒ good going sweetheart. πŸ˜ƒπŸ’‹πŸ’—

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