I’ll let you…


I’ll let you

wipe my unshed tears

I’ll let you

perceive my unsaid words

I’ll let you

kiss my concealed scars

I’ll let you

smell the fragrance of my laughs

I’ll let you

sniff the odour of my wails

I’ll let you

peep into my furtive thoughts

I’ll let you

eye the darkness behind my bright smiles

I’ll let you

feel my warm breath on your moist lips

I’ll let you

cradle the innocent baby in me

I’ll let you

embrace my frightened soul

I’ll let you

awaken my dormant desires

I’ll let you

spell your cryptic magic on me

I’ll let you

hear your name reverberating in my heartbeat

I’ll let you

break the walls that surround my fragile heart

I’ll let you

touch the beauty i possess

I’ll let you

make me fall in love,again.

Pratishtha 🙂


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My blog expresses me well 😊

43 thoughts on “I’ll let you…”

  1. Hi! I loved the illustration that popped up when I clicked on this. It’s just so wonderful and girly and made me laugh! And the wonder of your words were just mesmerizing! I love the sweetness of everyone who’s commented here… So nice!!! Thank you, everybody for being so nice!

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