Little moments of glee!


As i sit in my car,dreamily gazing out of my window,I drift into the world of my thoughts.Life-loathing,depressive and self-depreciating thoughts flood my mind and in a perfect sync my mind sings-

Life is a battle,you are a soldier-FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

But then i see a butterfly flutter,her wings spread out,shimmering silver and red patterns radiating happy vibes.

She hovered over delicate yellow flowers….gratified and calm,free and charming,gentle and serene,her tranquility enraptured me and she was the lovliest thing i had seen in this beautiful yet dreadful world.I sensed a ghost of smile on my lips.In a fraction of second my car sped away from it and i was left captivated by the pretty,little thing i just saw.

A few moments before i was desperately searching for a reason to smile and be happy about,and now as i saw the butterfly,my mouth quickened to curve upwards amd ,my world-loathing thoughts invaded!

But this time,showing my grit,i pushed them aside,and warned them,not to haunt and spoil my little moment of glee,and i smiled heartily.

I smiled because i had seen a beautiful butterfly which was like an omen,telling me in shouty-capital letters-


Pratishtha πŸ™‚


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My blog expresses me well 😊

26 thoughts on “Little moments of glee!”

    1. Thankyou so much Anagha.
      And yes,your blog reflects that,i don’t know anything about you,but i know one thing about life,ITS GRAND,you just don’t know how much happiness awaits! Just always believe that things are going to be amazing,and trust me,they will be.
      Keep smiling 😊

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      1. Ohho πŸ˜‘ even i feel depressed almost every day but you know what,i dont let that depression last for more than one hour,engage yourself in good stuff and lighten up your mood.Dont leave ur mood on auto-pilot,you are in-charge of how you feel and what you feel and you must choose to be happy.
        No more being sad now,okay?
        All will be well 😊😘

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      2. yes…..I am trying….you are more like me….feeling depressed and trying best to prevent it from taking over me… is really nice meeting you….I write to wade away my feelings…

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      3. Oh yesss,even i try all the time,life isn’t really fair afterall but we can be happy even in the pain,and the pain ceases after some point,lets wait for that.😊
        Its nice meeting you too.
        And its great to write to wade away ur feelings,writing is the best mode of expression and its helps.
        Okay,now u can smile.😘😊

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  1. I and standing in awe. Your words give me an existential bummer and a new perspective to the impermanence of happiness. Moments of happiness are always referred to in the past tense , because as we immerse in it, it already becomes a past. So live, smile, hug, love, laugh… whenever you can, as long as you can.
    Another beautiful post :* Loved it. πŸ™‚

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