Little puppy :)


Today,i found beauty lying in abysmal mud,this cute little puppy,trying relentlessly to survive in sweltering heat…The vicious conditions failed to curb his innocence and waggish sweetness!While some puppies live a comparatively better life at homes of the rich,my little buddy,disseminated cuteness and smiles on the face of onlookers,even being smeared with dirt😊
Same is the case with humans,wherever,whoever,however you are,if you are spreading positivity,you’re good enough.😊 This little puppy evoked these feelings in me and made me write this.😍

Pratishtha πŸ™‚


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My blog expresses me well 😊

16 thoughts on “Little puppy :)”

    1. The puppy had a little wound on his foot.I cleaned it up and bathed him.Such a cute creature it is,it did not deserve to be lying in mud.I love animals too,theyre so affectionate.They deserve our love! 😍

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