My Boy 😍

Oh! my boy,his is unbelievable!
He had glamorous fairies meandering all around him,he could handpick any one,none would evade him.
My boy,he’s so handsome,even the pride of the prettiest of those fairies would wane when it came to him,she would beseech for one loving touch from his beautiful hands.
My boy,he’s so hot,the ugliest and the loveliest fairies would in unison bite their lips on setting their eyes on him.
My boy,my darling boy,my chaste words will fail to ever describe how beautiful he is,he is an idyllic person with a benevolent heart and a charismatic personality.
My boy,i told you,unbelievable he is! Out of all those pretty fairies he chose the fairy with a broken wing.πŸ™ˆπŸ˜Š


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