Your presence|I crave for

This i wrote for a very close person.-
My dear i’ll keep it short and chaste,
I’ll just convert my feelings into words,
But i know that you know,we both know,
These words will be an oversimplified version of my emotions.
You’re the sun that shines in my darkest nights,
You lighten up my poorly lit life,
Your presence banishes every sombre element having a forced abode in my heart,
It allows prolific cheer to pervade.
Your words,your beautiful words fall into my ears,soothe my soul and are engraved in my heart,
They’ve a cryptic effect on me,they make me dip up a grave for my sorrow and bury it there,
They sow the seeds of Felicity and joy in the barren land of my heart.
I beseech for an answer,tell me my dear,
Where did you learn this magic from?
How did you get these superpowers?
Oh my god! are you a superhero?
Whatever you are,your being alive gives me life,
And i cherish every nanosecond of your company,
Keep illuminating my life with your MOST WANTED presence.
-PD ๐Ÿ˜Š


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