Giving up? Oh no honey.


Giving up? How can you even think about that? You survived this pain for days,months,years and now suddenly you want to give up and let all the suffering go in vain?
No honey,don’t do that.JUST DON’T.
A person who can endure hard times for such long durations can certainly push his limits,stand up after falling and gather the broken pieces of hope.
Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself-
Am i weak?
No,you are not,your reflecting image in the mirror would reply.You have suffered and learnt to smile in pain.Only strong people can bear the suffering.For years on end you’ve stayed strong,valiance has become a part of your soul,don’t let this moment make you feel weak.
Stop frowning and smile again.Good things take time,as the clinch says.
It may take a lot of time.Be ready.
Giving up is the easy path,it will be enticing and attractive but it will lead you to eternal misery.
Staying strong and not giving up is something that requires mental and psychological effort.Put in that effort.Talk to your heart and make it realize how strong it is and that you did not come this far to give up.
If you want to give up,
give up on hopelessness,
give up on those ugly frowns,
give up on the people who let down your spirit,
give up on your insecurities,
give up on your fears,
give up on your doubts,
give up on that goddamn negativity.
But never,i repeat,NEVER give up on your hopes,dreams and desires.
Never give up on yourself.
You will thank yourself in future for not giving up,trust me.
-PD 😊


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10 thoughts on “Giving up? Oh no honey.”

  1. exactly, i have thought of giving up on different things so many times, but i have a strong faith that keeps me going, you never know how close you are to making it

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