Focus on yourself.
Alright,so most of us neglect this imperative thing,which as important as breathing.We go out,making others happy,trying to please them,make them smile,make them feel special.It may be for your best friend,boyfriend,girlfriend,parents,teachers…You try relentlessly to make them smile but the question is-
How often do you try to make yourself smile?
How often do you make yourself feel valued and cared for?
How often do you tell yourself “I’m beautiful” ?
Once a year?
Once a month?
Once a week?
Once a day?
No honey,you need to do it every minute,every single second of the day.YOU are incharge of your happiness and you,without needing anyone else can make yourself happy.Just focus on yourself,work on yourself,think about yourself.
Forget about your cranky baby,complaining husband,demanding girlfriend,over-expecting parents,fussy friends for a moment and breathe.
Pamper yourself.Love yourself.Value yourself.
Stop being so harsh on yourself,you deserve love,your own love that is.
The point is-Alone i come into this world,alone i shall exit,its me alone who shall face the sorrow,pain,happiness and joy.And that’s a reason enough for me to keep self,above all.


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