He walked away😊


She sat there

as he walked away

after they shook hands.

Oh! that handshake

the touch

of his hand

touched her soul.

She felt an emotion

hitherto unknown.

She felt

as if his hand

was meant to be

in hers.

The touch

made her feel

connected to him

more than ever before.

He did not notice

the longing in her eyes

silly boy!

She wanted the handshake

to never,

never end.

Her eyes met his eye

Oh! those innocent

and unaware eyes


of the love she felt for them.

Then he turned

and swiftly walked his way

but she remained caged,

trapped in that moment

for the whole day.

She froze

her heartbeat rose

Stop him!

her heart beseeched.

But the handsome man

unaware again

slowly walked away.

She kept gazing,

looking at him,growing smaller

and going farther

with each passing second.

She hoped

he would turn,

look back

and flash a smile.

But her boy

just walked away


that she

was staring at him

in the manner

a mother looks

at her newborn baby.

Such was her love

for him

so was her longing.


the gentleman walked away

without looking back

leaving her with a smile,

a tear

and a hope

for their eyes to meet


Pratishtha 🙂


Good moments scare me😅


Now i hesitate from living beautiful moments and making a good memory,

For the pattern of life has taught me,one day i’d look back at them and the pain in my heart would be healed by no remedy!
#iwrite #ifeel 😊

Pratishtha 🙂

Its been days…

Its been days

days,since we confabulated on phone

Its been days

days,since you laughed at my silly jokes

Its been days

days,since i felt your breath through the phone

Its been days

days,since you called over and over again without any reason,just to make me smile

Its been days

days,since your name flashed on the screen of my phone and illuminated my whole world

Its been days

days,since i felt those millions of butterflies in my stomach when u complimented me

Its been days,

days,since we laughed and smiled,talking on phone for hours

Its been days

days,since you called…


For those days won’t return,they’re long lost,they’re gone,
but i smile recalling the memories,
baby life goes on!

Pratishtha 🙂

I met him again😊

And yesterday i met him again,

My sunshine,my boy,my handsome boy was right in front of my oh-so-lucky eyes! As he came towards me,my breath hitched,my heartbeat quickened and the surroundings turned pink.He is heaven!

There he was,the most gorgeous man,gazing into my eyes,standing so close to me.Cloud nine?Nah! I was on cloud thousand.😍

My silly heart cannot fathom its emotions into words,it just can’t.And i guess that’s the glory of the love it feels.

I wish he knew how crazily i smile at the thought of meeting him.

I wish he knew how he makes the birds of my heart chirp incessantly when he walks close to me.

I wish he knew how my dim world abruptly lights up when he flashes his lovely smile at me.

I wish he knew how i secretly steal glances at him when he’s looking away.

I wish he knew that his touch gives me shivers,it fills the powerless wires of my heart with a sensual electric current that flows through my body even after the physical contact is long lost.

I wish he knew that i feel comfortable in his presence but strangely uncomfortable too because my heart pressurizes me to be my best-self in front of the man it adores.

I wish he knew that when he looks into my eye,something resonates deep in my heart or in chaste words “kuch kuch hota hae.”

I wish he knew that i forget my worries,tensions and problems when he’s around.Oh crap,i forget the whole damn world when that person is in front of my eyes.🙈

I wish he knew how breathtakingly handsome he is.Hearts in love don’t lie ,he is the world’s most handsome guy! And i can bet on that.😏

i wish he knew how my heart begs me to make him stay when he tries to walks away.It beseeches with folded hands to make that man prolong a bit,his presence near me.

I wish he knew how i craved to touch his lips as he bit his lower lip.How i craved to touch his beautiful face and his hair.Such an enticing man he is!

I wish he knew how true and genuine my feelings for him are.

I wish he knew how badly i want to make him mine.

I wish he knew what he does to me and my fragile heart.

I wish he knew how my poor heart smiles and frowns at the same time when he stands before me,look at me and smiles,i smile back,brimming with love and then it strikes me,i cannot make him mine.

At times,one has to yield to his fate and accept things as they are,
for incomplete and unaccomplished love stories are the most beautiful ones,
so are the hearts with a scar.

-Pratishtha 😊

Pratishtha 🙂

She was…


A happy girl
she was
A laughing baby
she was
A blushing mistress
she was
A determined dreamer
she was
A proud achiever
she was
A passionate poetess
she was
A devoted lover
she was
A responsible daughter
she was
A smiling face
she was
A positive mind
she was
A loving heart
she was
A sensitive soul
she was
A gleaming eye
she was
A burning desire
she was!
She was beautiful,
she was charming,
she was enticing,
she was an enthusiast,
she was an optimist.
And now she misses who she was.😊

Pratishtha 🙂

And i met him 😍

Well,it happend through the benevolent God’s plan,

Finally i saw him,my gorgeous man.😍🙈

As he stepped closer,my breath hitched and my heart skipped a beat,

it took more than one year,for our eyes to meet.

He looked breathtakingy handsome,alot more than i expected,

just like i imagined him to be,but yes,a lil perfected🙈

And then he started speaking,it was like a merry dream,

i just looked at him adoringly,did he notice my eyes gleam?

Strange you may call it,i saw my sunshine under the moonlight,

and my awestruck eyes declared it to be the world’s best sight!

and then it happened,what i once saw in my dreamland,

All my dreams came true when he held my hand.😍🙈

Pratishtha 🙂

Little puppy :)


Today,i found beauty lying in abysmal mud,this cute little puppy,trying relentlessly to survive in sweltering heat…The vicious conditions failed to curb his innocence and waggish sweetness!While some puppies live a comparatively better life at homes of the rich,my little buddy,disseminated cuteness and smiles on the face of onlookers,even being smeared with dirt😊
Same is the case with humans,wherever,whoever,however you are,if you are spreading positivity,you’re good enough.😊 This little puppy evoked these feelings in me and made me write this.😍

Pratishtha 🙂